Publications Hybrid Solar Cells

Singlet Fission

  1. Moritz H. Futscher, Akshay Rao, and Bruno Ehrler
    The Potential of Singlet Fission Photon Multipliers as an Alternative to Silicon-Based Tandem Solar Cells
    ACS Energy Letters, 3 (10), pp 2587–2592(2018)
  2. Stefan Wil Tabernig, Benjamin Daiber, Tianyi Wang, Bruno Ehrler
    Enhancing silicon solar cells with singlet fission: the case for Förster resonant energy transfer using a quantum dot intermediate
    Journal of Photonics for Energy, 8(2), 022008 (2018).
  3. Jumin Lee, Moritz H. Futscher, Luis M. Pazos-Outón, Bruno Ehrler
    Highly Transparent Singlet Fission Solar Cell with Multi-Stacked Thin Metal Contacts for Tandem Applications
    Progress in Photovoltaics: Research and Applications, 25 (11), pp 936-941 (2017).
  4. Luis M Pazos Outón, Jumin Lee, Moritz Hieronymus Futscher, Anton Kirch, Maxim Tabachnyk, Richard H Friend, Bruno Ehrler
    A Silicon-Singlet Fission Tandem Solar Cell Exceeding 100% External Quantum Efficiency with High Spectral Stability
    ACS Energy Letters 2 (2), pp 476–480 (2017).
  5. Le Yang, Maxim Tabachnyk, Sam L Bayliss, Marcus L Böhm, Katharina Broch, Neil C Greenham, Richard H Friend, Bruno Ehrler.
    Solution-Processable Singlet Fission Photovoltaic Devices.
    Nano Letters 15 (1), pp 354–358 (2015).
  6. Maxim Tabachnyk, Bruno Ehrler, Simon Gélinas, Marcus L Böhm, Brian J Walker, Kevin P Musselman, Neil C Greenham, Richard H Friend, Akshay Rao.
    Resonant energy transfer of triplet excitons from pentacene to PbSe nanocrystals.
    Nature Materials 13, 1033–1038 (2014).
  7. Tabachnyk, M.; Ehrler, B.; Bayliss, S.; Friend, R. H.; Greenham, N. C.
    Triplet Diffusion in Singlet Exciton Fission Sensitized Pentacene Solar Cells.
    Applied Physics Letters 103, 153302 (2013).
  8. Ehrler, B.; Musselman, K. P.; Bohm, M.; Böhm, M. L.; Friend, R. H.; Greenham, N. C.
    Hybrid Pentacene/a-Silicon Solar Cells Utilizing Multiple Carrier Generation via Singlet Exciton Fission.
    Applied Physics Letters 101, 153507 (2012).
  9. Ehrler, B.; Walker, B. J.; Böhm, M. L.; Wilson, M. W. B.; Vaynzof, Y.; Friend, R. H.; Greenham, N. C.
    In Situ Measurement of Exciton Energy in Hybrid Singlet-fission Solar Cells.
    Nature Communications 3, 1019 (2012).
  10. Ehrler, B.; Wilson, M. W. B.; Rao, A.; Friend, R. H.; Greenham, N. C.
    Singlet Exciton Fission-sensitized Infrared Quantum Dot Solar Cells.
    Nano Letters 12, 1053 (2012).


  1. Tulus, Selina Olthof, Magdalena Marszalek, Andreas Peukert, Loreta A Muscarella, Bruno Ehrler, Olivera Vukovic, Yulia Galagan, Simon Christian Boehme, Elizabeth Von Hauff
    Control of Surface Defects in ZnO Nanorod Arrays with thermally-deposited Au nanoparticles for Perovskite Photovoltaics
    ACS Applied Energy Materials 25, 3736-3748 (2019).
  2. Loreta A Muscarella, Dina Petrova, Rebecca Jorge Cervasio, Aram Farawar, Olivier Lugier, Charlotte McLure, Martin J Slaman, Junke Wang, Bruno Ehrler, Elizabeth Von Hauff, René M Williams
    Air-stable and Oriented Mixed Lead Halide Perovskite (FA/MA) by the One-step Deposition Method using Zinc Iodide and an Alkylammonium Additive
    ACS Applield Materials & Interfaces 11, 17555–17562 (2019).
  3. Moritz H Futscher, Ju Min Lee, Lucie McGovern, Loreta A Muscarella, Tianyi Wang, Muhammad Irfan Haider, Azhar Fakharuddin, Lukas Schmidt-Mende, Bruno Ehrler
    Quantification of Ion Migration in CH3NH3PbI3 Perovskite Solar Cells by Transient Capacitance Measurements
    Materials Horizon, Advance Article (2019).
  4. Moritz H Futscher, Bruno Ehrler.
    Modeling the Performance Limitations and Prospects of Perovskite/Si Tandem Solar Cells under Realistic Operating Conditions
    ACS Energy Letters 2, 2089-2095 (2017).
  5. Tianyi Wang, Benjamin Daiber, Jarvist M Frost, Sander A Mann, Erik C Garnett, Aron Walsh, Bruno Ehrler
    Indirect to direct bandgap transition in methylammonium lead halide perovskite
    Energy & Environmental Science 10, 509-515 (2017).
  6. Moritz H Futscher, Bruno Ehrler.
    Efficiency Limit of Perovskite/Si Tandem Solar Cells
    ACS Energy Letters 1, 863-868 (2016).
  7. Luis M Pazos-Outón, Monika Szumilo, Robin Lamboll, Johannes M Richter, Micaela Crespo-Quesada, Mojtaba Abdi-Jalebi, Harry J Beeson, Milan Vrućinić, Mejd Alsari, Henry J Snaith, Bruno Ehrler, Richard H Friend, Felix Deschler.
    Photon recycling in lead iodide perovskite solar cells
    Science 351 (6280), 1430-1433 (2016).


Science Cover Photon Recycling in Perovskites


  1. Albert Polman, Mark Knight, Erik C Garnett, Bruno Ehrler, Wim C Sinke
    Photovoltaic materials: Present efficiencies and future challenges
    Science 352 (6283), aad4424 (2016).
  2. Wilson, M. W. B.; Rao, A.; Ehrler, B.; Friend, R. H.
    Singlet Exciton Fission in Polycrystalline Pentacene: From Photophysics Toward Devices.
    Accounts of Chemical Research 46, 1330 (2013).

Quantum Dot Solar Cells

  1. Arfa Karani, Le Yang, Sai Bai, Moritz H Futscher, Henry J Snaith, Bruno Ehrler, Neil C Greenham, Dawei Di
    Perovskite/Colloidal Quantum Dot Tandem Solar Cells: Theoretical Modeling and Monolithic Structure
    ACS Energy Letters 3 (4), 869–874 (2018)
  2. Marcus L Böhm, Tom C Jellicoe, Maxim Tabachnyk, Nathaniel JLK Davis, Florencia Wisnivesky-Rocca-Rivarola, Caterina Ducati, Bruno Ehrler, Artem A Bakulin, Neil C Greenham.
    Lead Telluride Quantum Dot Solar Cells Displaying External Quantum Efficiencies Exceeding 120%
    Nano letters 15 (12), 7987-7993 (2015).
  3. Nathaniel JLK Davis, Marcus L Böhm, Maxim Tabachnyk, Florencia Wisnivesky-Rocca-Rivarola, Tom C Jellicoe, Caterina Ducati, Bruno Ehrler, Neil C Greenham.
    Multiple-exciton generation in lead selenide nanorod solar cells with external quantum efficiencies exceeding 120%
    Nature communications 6, (2015).
  4. Marcus L Böhm, Tom C Jellicoe, Jasmine PH Rivett, Aditya Sadhanala, Nathaniel JLK Davis, Frederik SF Morgenstern, Karl C Gödel, Jayamurugan Govindasamy, Callum GM Benson, Neil C Greenham, Bruno Ehrler.
    Size and Energy Level Tuning of Quantum Dot Solids via a Hybrid Ligand Complex
    The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 6 (17), 3510-3514 (2015).
  5. Demet Asil, Brian J Walker, Bruno Ehrler, Yana Vaynzof, Alessandro Sepe, Sam Bayliss, Aditya Sadhanala, Philip CY Chow, Paul E Hopkinson, Ullrich Steiner, Neil C Greenham, Richard H Friend.
    Role of PbSe structural stabilization in photovoltaic cells
    Advanced Functional Materials 25 (6), 928-935 (2015).
  6. Marcus L Böhm, René JP Kist, Frederik SF Morgenstern, Bruno Ehrler, Salvatore Zarra, Abhishek Kumar, Yana Vaynzof, Neil C Greenham.
    The influence of nanocrystal aggregates on photovoltaic performance in nanocrystal–polymer bulk heterojunction solar cells
    Advanced Energy Materials 4 (12), (2015).
  7. Jonathan E. Halpert, Frederik S. F. Morgenstern, Bruno Ehrler, Yana Vaynzof, Dan Credgington, and Neil C. Greenham
    Charge Dynamics in Solution-Processed Nanocrystalline CuInS2 Solar Cells
    ACS Nano 9 (6), pp 5857–5867 (2015).
  8. Hoye, R. L. Z. .; Ehrler, B.; Böhm, M. L.; Muñoz-Rojas, D.; Altamimi, R. M.; Alyamani, A. Y.; Vaynzof, Y.; Sadhanala, A.; Ercolano, G.; Greenham, N. C. et al.
    Improved Open- Circuit Voltage in ZnO–PbSe Quantum Dot Solar Cells by Understanding and Reducing Losses Arising from the ZnO Conduction Band Tail.
    Advanced Energy Materials 4, 1301544 (2014).
  9. Ehrler, B.; Musselman, K. P.; Böhm, M. L.; Morgenstern, F. S. F.; Vaynzof, Y.; Walker, B. J.; Macmanus- Driscoll, J. L.; Greenham, N. C.
    Preventing Interfacial Recombination in Colloidal Quantum Dot Solar Cells by Doping the Metal Oxide.
    ACS Nano 7, 4210 (2013).


MSc Theses:

  1. Linda van der Waart
    Quantum dot/Nanowire Hybrid Nanostructure for Solar Cell Applications
    University of Amsterdam 2015
  2. Maria Antonietta Mione
    t-butyl-Terrylene: novel singlet fission material for highly efficient solar cells
    Utrecht University 2016
  3. Benjamin Daiber
    Indirect to direct bandgap transition in methylammonium lead halide perovskite

    University of Amsterdam 2016
  4. Maarten Mennes
    Investigation of singlet fission solar cells from perylene bis(phenethylimide)

    University of Amsterdam 2016
  5. Ruirt Bosma
    Size-Dependent Open-Circuit Voltage in Lead Sulfide Colloidal Quantum Dot Solar Cells
    University of Amsterdam 2017
  6. Lucie McGovern
    Managing triplet excitons in singlet fission sensitized pentacene solar cells
    Université Pierre et Marie Curie (2017)
  7. Arnoud Jongeling
    Photon upconversion in an ionic liquid: A pressure study
    Wageningen University and Research Centre (2017)
  8. Roan van Leeuwen
    Simulating energy transfer of triplet excitons
    University of Amsterdam & VU University Amsterdam 2018
  9. Stefan Tabernig
    Förster resonance energy transfer from PbS quantum dots to silicon: The missing link towards singlet fission solar cells
    University of Amsterdam 2018
  10. Koen van den Hoven
    Harnessing singlet exciton fission to enhance silicon solar cells through direct charge-transfer
    University of Amsterdam 2018

BSc Theses:

  1. Ruby de Hart
    The efficiency and Shockley-Queisser limits of various solar panels under Dutch weather conditions
    Amsterdam University College 2016
  2. Talia Martz-Oberlaender
    A computational study of the effects of soiling on different solar modules in the Netherlands
    Amsterdam University College (2017)
  3. Toon Maassen
    The effect of light diffuseness on the outdoor performance of thin film solar cells
    University of Amsterdam (2017)
  4. Merlijn Kersten
    Outdoor solar cell performance – Improving a diffuseness measurement tool
    University of Amsterdam (2018)

Latest Publications

  • M. Futscher, Quantifying the efficiency and stability potential of perovskite-based devices, University of Amsterdam, 2020-01-09

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  • M. Xiao, D. Shen, M. Futscher, B. Ehrler, K.P. Musselman, W. Duley and N.Y. Zhou, Threshold Switching in Single Metal‐Oxide Nanobelt Devices Emulating an Artificial Nociceptor, Adv.Electron.Mater., 1900595: 1-12 (2019)

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  • J. Zhang, M. Futscher, V. Lami, F.U. Kosasih, C. Cho, Q. Gu, A. Sadhanala, A.J. Pearson, B. Kan, G. Divitini, X. Wan, D. Credgington, N.C. Greenham, Y. Chen, C. Ducati, B. Ehrler, Y. Vaynzof, R.H. Friend and A.A. Bakulin, Sequentially Deposited versus Conventional Nonfullerene Organic Solar Cells: Interfacial Trap States, Vertical Stratification, and Exciton Dissociation, Adv. Energy Mater., 1902145: 1-9 (2019)

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  • L.A. Muscarella, E.M. Hutter, S. Sanchez, C.D. Dieleman, T.J. Savenije, A. Hagfeldt, M. Saliba and B. Ehrler, Crystal Orientation and Grain Size: Do They Determine Optoelectronic Properties of MAPbI3 Perovskite?, J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 10, 6010-6018 (2019)

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  • S. Jariwala, H. Sun, G.W.P. Adhyaksa, A. Lof, L.A. Muscarella, B. Ehrler, E.C. Garnett and D.S. Ginger, Local Crystal Misorientation Influences Non-radiative Recombination in Halide Perovskites, Joule, (2019)

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  • V.M. Caselli, M. Fischer, D. Meggiolaro, E. Mosconi, F. De Angelis, S.D. Stranks, A. Baumann, V. Dyakonov, E.M. Hutter and T.J. Savenije, Charge Carriers Are Not Affected by the Relatively Slow-Rotating Methylammonium Cations in Lead Halide Perovskite Thin Films, J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 10, 17: 5128-5134 (2019)

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  • M. Futscher, J.M. Lee, L. McGovern, L.A. Muscarella, T. Wang, M.I. Haider, A. Fakharuddin, L. Schmidt-Mende and B. Ehrler, Quantification of Ion Migration in CH3NH3PbI3 Perovskite Solar Cells by Transient Capacitance Measurements, Mater. Horiz., (2019)

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  • Tulus, S. Olthof, M. Marszalek, A. Peukert, L.A. Muscarella, B. Ehrler, O. Vukovic, Y. Galagan, S.C. Boehme and E. von Hauff, Control of Surface Defects in ZnO Nanorod Arrays with Thermally Deposited Au Nanoparticles for Perovskite Photovoltaics, ACS Appl.Energy Mater. 2, 5: 3736-3748 (2019)

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  • A. Kooijman, L.A. Muscarella and R.M. Williams, Perovskite Thin Film Materials Stabilized and Enhanced by Zinc(II) Doping, Appl.Sci. (2019)

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  • L.A. Muscarella, D. Petrova, R. Jorge Cervasio, A. Farawar, O. Lugier, C. McLure, M.J. Slaman, J. Wang, B. Ehrler, E. von Hauff and R.M. Williams, Air-stable and oriented mixed lead halide perovskite (FA/MA) by one-step deposition method using zinc iodide and chloroamine additive, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 11, 19: 17555-17562 (2019)

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