Technical support
AMOLF explores novel fields of research. To this purpose, the researchers need unique advanced equipment, electronics, and software that often cannot be obtained commercially and that is specially designed and made by the technical departments. AMOLF has four of these specialized technical departments. Dedicated group technicians take care of the equipment in the labs and support the researchers.

Researchers and technicians from different departments work closely together on research  projects. Together they optimize the experimental setup and the technical infrastructure for each new  experiment.

Mechanical Engineering

The Mechanical Engineering group designs the mechanical part of the experiments carried out at AMOLF. It makes detailed technical drawings for instruments, installations, and parts for these. The group collaborates closely with the Fine-Mechanical Engineering group.

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Precision Manufacturing

The Precision Manufacturing group builds new scientific equipment, adapts existing equipment and makes new parts. The group also advises researchers and lab technicians from AMOLF and ARCNL about materials, constructions, and mechanical options.

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Electronics Engineering

The Electronics Engineering Group makes the electric circuits needed to carry out the physics, chemistry and biology experiments at AMOLF. The electronics must work extremely accurately and often under extreme conditions.

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Software Engineering

The Software Engineering group makes tailored software for the synchronous control of lasers, motors, cameras, detectors and more. These are used for physics experiments and for registering, displaying, and storing the data from those experiments.

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AMOLF NanoLab Amsterdam

AMOLF NanoLab Amsterdam provides the facilities and expertise needed to produce structures and to characterize these at the microscale and nanoscale. Various lithographic processes are experimented with in the cleanroom. AMOLF NanoLab Amsterdam was established by AMOLF, the University of Amsterdam and VU University Amsterdam. However, other institutes and companies also make use of it. It is one of the partners in NanoLabNL.

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Research facilities

AMOLF’s research is carried out in four research laboratories that all contain equipments that are shared among research groups. All laboratories are open to external users.

Beside the AMOLF NanoLab the other laboratories are: