The Photonic Materials group focuses on three main research themes

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Quantum cathodoluminescence microscopy

CL spectroscopy of single-photon emitters
Nanodiamond NV centers in photonic nanostructures
Topological Si photonic crystals
Picosecond CL pump-probe spectroscopy

Light management in photovoltaics 

Spectrum splitting in perovskite/Si tandem solar cells
Metal nanowire selective contacts on Si solar cells
Colored (and white) photovoltaics
Novel spectrum splitting architectures

Optical metamaterials 

Analog computational optical metasurfaces
Non-reciprocal light transmission
Lambertian scattering metasurfaces
Far-field spontaneous emission control

Group Members

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  • Albert Polman receives ERC Advanced Research Grant

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  • European grant for electron microscopy techniques

    The European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme has awarded a FET Proactive grant to a consortium of 8 European institutions to develop new ways to perform electron microscopy.

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  • Mathematics at the speed of light

    AMOLF researchers and their collaborators from the Advanced Science Research Center (ASRC/CUNY) in New York have created a nanostructured surface capable of performing on-the-fly mathematical operations on an input image.

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  • AMOLF, Thermo Fisher and Delmic present ultrafast SEM cathodoluminescence microscopes

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