Accessibility statement

AMOLF strives to provide a website that satisfies the Decree on web accessibility for public sector bodies (only available in Dutch). This means that we want our website to be user-friendly and accessible for different target groups.

What constitutes an accessible website?
An accessible website is one that can be better navigated by all target groups. Functional, technical and editorial accessibility requirements therefore apply to websites from public sector bodies. These requirements are stipulated in international guidelines for web accessibility (only available in Dutch). You can read more about these on the government website concerning digital accessibility (only available in Dutch).

Assessment digital accessibility
On 14 June 2022, the Dutch foundation Stichting Accessibility assessed whether the website satisfies the accessibility criteria. This revealed that the website does not yet satisfy the criteria on all points. You can read the outcomes in the research report WCAG 2.1 and management summary WCAG 2.1 (both in Dutch), which can be downloaded.

Creating accessibility
Based on the results of the investigation by Stichting Accessibility, AMOLF will endeavour to improve the digital accessibility of its website.

Accessibility statement
The current state of affairs with respect to the digital accessibility of can be read in the accessibility statement. The image at the foot of this page (in Dutch only) shows the AMOLF website’s current accessibility status and you can use the link in the image to access the accessibility statement (in Dutch only).

Contact/reporting problems
Do you have any questions or comments? Or would you like to use a page, document or other attachment on this website that is not accessible? Then please contact AMOLF via


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