What we do

The Resonant Nanophotonics group was founded at the Center for Nanophotonics, AMOLF in February 2008. Our research focuses on:

  • Subwavelength resonators like plasmonic and metamaterial particles
  • Controlling emission, amplification  and propagation of light at nanometer length scales
  • Hybrid nanophotonics featuring plasmonic mode volumes at microcavity quality factors
  • Quantum optics with single emitters
  • Nanoscopy to quantify single nano-objects
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  • Perspective by Femius Koenderink most read in ACS Photonics in 2017

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  • Vogel spirals for lighting

    Periodic arrays of plasmonic nanoantennas can enhance the directionality of light emission of nearby fluorophores. Unfortunately, their narrow spectral bandwidth and the anisotropy of their optical resonances limit the use …

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  • Perspective in ACS Photonics on Single Photon Nano-antennas

    The Perspective paper “single photon nano-antennas” in ACS Photonics reviews the use of plasmon antennas for single-photon applications. The idea to use plasmon antennas for single-photon sources was first conceived …

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  • IOP-NJP outstanding Referee

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