Technology transfer

Corporate Partnership and Technology Transfer Program

AMOLFs Corporate Partnership and Technology Transfer Program aims at connecting AMOLFs research program to industrial users, so that discoveries in our laboratories can effectively find their way to practical use. To catalyze this knowledge transfer we carry out many research projects in collaboration with industrial partners.

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Interested to collaborate?

  • Electron microscopy: in-situ, EBSD, nanoSIMS
  • Advanced coatings and contact layers for solar cells
  • Metasurfaces for analog optical computing
  • Plasmon-enhanced and strong-coupling chemistry
  • Silicon nanopore electrochemistry
  • Perovskite materials for roll-to-roll solar foil fabrication
  • Photonics for greenhouse agriculture
  • AI-based design of optical coatings, gratings, metasurfaces
  • Chemical sensing and biochemical computing
  • Optical sensing
  • Chirality for medicine
  • Self-assembly and asymmetric synthesis
  • Soft advanced materials
  • Sustainable materials
  • Advanced metamaterials for sensing, actuation, wearables, …
  • Soft robotics

Ongoing industrial partnerships

Large-scale programs (multiple PhD/PD)

  • Nanophotonics for solid-state lighting with Philips/Signify
  • Perovskite-silicon solar cells with Shell, Tempress, Exasun, Hyet
  • Nanometrology and metamaterials for positioning with ASML
  • Hybrid optomechanical technologies with IBM, Thales, Hitachi, ST Microelectronics
  • Analytical electron microscopy with ThermoFisher and Delmic
  • Terahertz detection by molecular optomechanics with Lytid
  • Hybrid heart with Xeltis and ReinVad
  • Soft Robotics for Hybrid Heart with Xeltis, ReinVad, AMC

Funding: NWO IPP, EU FET Proactive, FET Open

Small-scale projects (single PhD/postdoc)

  • 3D electrochemical nanoprinting with Nanonics
  • High-efficiency perovskite LEDs with Seaborough
  • Pump-probe cathodoluminescence microscopy with ThermoFisher and Delmic
  • Sensing and nano-imaging with Bruker Nano
  • Solid-state lighting with Lumileds
  • Hybrid solar cells with Toyota
  • Characterizing T cell receptors for immunotherapies with LUMICKs
  • Reconfigurable metrology and metamaterials for positioning with Bruker Nano
  • Sustainable materials for lead detection Lumetallix BV (startup)
  • Self-assembly, asymmetric synthesis for advanced materials with BASF, Evonik, Sabic, AKZO Nobel, DSM Corbion, Symeres, Innosyn

Funding: NWO HTSM, NWO Mat4Sus, Topsector trial projects

Equipment development at AMOLF leading to commercial products

  • SEM EBSD detector, with ASI and EDAX (on the market in 2021)
  • Time-resolved electron microscopy with ThermoFisher (on the market since 2019)
  • SEM cathodoluminescence instruments with Delmic (several products on the market since 2014)

Funding: ERC, Topsector projects

Financing options for collaborating with AMOLF


AMOLFs research program is financed by a multitude of research grants from NWO, the European Union, and research contracts with industrial partners. Our annual budget is about 17 M€. We mainly focus on long-term fundamental research with TRL 1-4, and regularly create demonstrator devices/technologies in collaboration with industrial partners. AMOLFs corporate partnership program serves to create a contact for companies to gain access to the research expertise at AMOLF.

Contact us

Please contact us ( to discuss opportunities for collaboration and to benefit from the brainpower of AMOLFs group leaders in materials science and technology, and to exploit their knowledge for your company.