Chemistry & Spectroscopy

The Chemistry and Spectroscopy research center develops and applies a wide range of physical and chemical techniques to synthesize and characterize complex functional matter.

We study the self-organization of simple molecular and nanoscopic building blocks to tailor-made nanocrystals, complex emulsions, patterned nano- and microcomposites, including out-of-equilibrium processes leading to directed self-assembly and spontaneous symmetry breaking. Moreover, we investigate the interaction between different molecules and nanoscopic materials in complex hybrid nanostructures and the emergence of complex behaviour, using analytical chemical techniques and advanced spectroscopy and microscopy techniques.

Our experimental labs feature a wide range of chemical and optical characterization techniques such as femtosecond polarization-resolved and two-dimensional vibrational spectroscopy, heterodyne-detected vibrational surface sum-frequency generation spectroscopy, scanning probe microscopy including scanning electrochemical microscopy, advanced electron microscopy including tomography, (time-resolved) single particle microscopy and spectroscopy techniques and high performance liquid chromatography. Moreover, we have developed customized equipment for synthesis and assembly of complex molecules and nanomaterials ranging from CVD and Schlenk line setups to microfluidic devices, ALD, nanocube imprint lithography and 3D nanophotochemistry.