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  • Kristina Ganzinger connected to Oncode Institute as Junior Investigator

    AMOLF group leader Kristina Ganzinger has been selected by the Oncode Institute to join as Junior Investigator. The institute selected 10 junior investigators out of 72 applicants. The researchers were …

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  • Studying individual molecules to understand how a cell’s inner life makes cells function

    To understand the fundamental processes of life we need to understand the language that cells use to communicate with each other and to orchestrate their joint behavior. This is important …

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  • Kristina Ganzinger member of De Jonge Akademie

    The KNAW has selected ten new members for ‘De Jonge Akademie’, one of which is AMOLF group leader Kristina Ganzinger (Physics of Cellular Interactions). Members of ‘De Jonge Akademie’ are …

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  • Vidi grant for Kristina Ganzinger

    AMOLF group leader Kristina Ganzinger (Physics of Cellular Interactions) is one of the 78 researchers who received a NWO Vidi grant that is worth 800.000 euros. This grant allows Ganzinger …

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  • A new spin on making minimal cells

    The ability of a cell to separate its own matter from its surroundings is a basic requirement for life. A team of researchers at AMOLF and Delft University of Technology …

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  • WISE fellow Kristina Ganzinger starts new research group at AMOLF

    On September 1st, Kristina Ganzinger will start as tenure track group leader. Ganzinger comes to AMOLF with a WISE fellowship, which is part of an NWO program for excellent female …

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