AMOLF NanoLab Amsterdam equipment info

Cleanroom facilities

AMOLF NanoLab Amsterdam includes an ISO class 5 cleanroom with facilities for optical- and electron beam lithography and plasma etching, a facility for thin film deposition, and innovative optical tools for nanofabrication, manipulation and analysis.


Researchers have access to a wide range of fabrication and inspection techniques in cleanroom environments, such as: Electron Beam Lithography, NUV lithography, two-photon lithography, FIB milling/deposition, EBID, reactive ion etching, thin film deposition, rapid thermal annealing, FE-SEM, EDX, Cathode luminescence, AFM, STM, surface profiling, spectroscopic ellipsometry, optical microscopy.

Cleanroom sample preparation

Thin film production

Materials Characterization

Dedicated equipment