Silicon waveguide

Sputter PVD system Polyteknik S-Flex


Sputter Physical Vapor Deposition (Sputter PVD) is a form of deposition in which a target material is bombarded with energetic ions under a relative low 10-2 mbar vacuum. The impact ion energy removes (sputter) material from the target. Normally argon is used as the sputter gas. The sputtered material is deposited on a substrate. The composition of the target material can change during this process. SiO2 as starting target material can loss some oxygen in the resulting deposited layer. With a heated substrate and introducing reactive gasses the resulting layer can obtain the desired properties. The system is build according our specifications by Polyteknik.


  • Polyteknik Flextura M506 S
  • Sample size diameter 4” max 4mm thick
  • Load lock
  • Base pressure ~10-8 mbar (high vacuum; 400 l/s turbo, dry roughing pump)
  • Ar sputter gas, reactive gas N2 and O2
  • 4 Polyteknik 3” Magnetrons
  • 300W RF power supply
  • 2kW DC, uni or bipolar pulse mode power supply
  • co-evaporation
  • Quartz thickness monitor
  • Sample heating till 500 °C
  • Sample rotation
  • Shutter system for sources and sample
  • Automated recipe driven software

Wikipedia – Sputter deposition