Silicon waveguide

Sitesa addax RM6 Rapid Thermal Anneal


Rapid Thermal Anneal (RTA) can be used for; formation of oxide or nitride films, change thin film properties, repair damage from ion implantation or active dopants. The system can heat 4” silicon wafers or small pieces within a timescale of several seconds up to high temperatures between 600 – 1200 ºC. This can be done in an atmospheric gas pressure of pure argon, nitrogen, oxygen or a combination

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  • Measured quantity: Temperature, gas flow
  • System; Sitesa addax RM6
  • Rapid thermal processor
  • Quartz lamp IR based heating
  • Rapid heating 250 ºC/s
  • Minimum temperature 600 ºC for unlimited time up to max 1200 ºC for max 2 hours
  • Accuracy and reproducibility ± 2 ºC
  • Low >800 ºC and high 800-1200 ºC temperature pyrometer
  • Gasses; Ar, N2 or O2 possibility to mix these gases
  • Parameter recipes for temperature and gas cycle

Wikipedia -Rapid thermal processing