Silicon waveguide

Nanoscribe 3D laser lithography


By tightly focusing light from an ultra-short pulsed laser, the intensity within the very focus is sufficient to expose photoresist by two-photon absorption. This process causes a chemical and/or physical change in photoresist within a very small pixel (“voxel”). This voxel typically is of ellipsoidal shape and is the basic building block for the fabrication of 3D structures. The resolution is strongly dependent on the photoresist.

cleanroom 3d 2-photon lithography system amsterdam nanocenter


  • Nanoscribe 3D laser lithography
  • Voxel size; x-y ~300 nm z~1000 nm
  • Positioning accuracy <1 nm
  • Repeat accuracy 5 nm
  • Writing volume 300 x 300 x 100 mu
  • Laser center wavelength 780 nm
  • Applicable photoresist; SU-8, IP-L, IP-G, AZ 9260

Wikipedia – Multiphoton lithography