Silicon waveguide

Low pressure oxygen plasma system Pico


Hydrocarbons can be removed in an oxygen plasma. This is a recommended procedure before resist spin coating a sample. The adhesion between resist and sample is much improved. In general it’s a good idea to start in our NanoLab with a clean sample. After plasma cleaning the surface start conditions are normalized, a high resolution SEM image becomes much easier, the sample surface becomes activated (hydrophilic) etc. By tuning the oxygen plasma energy and exposure time sample damage can be avoided. By increasing the plasma organic photoresist can be removed (ashing).


  • Sinvacon Diener Pico
  • Low pressure oxygen plasma system Sinvacon Pico
  • Samples up to 4”
  • 0-200W RF auto matching power supply
  • Quartz chamber
  • dry vacuum pump
  • vacuum variable with lowest pressure 10^-2 mbar
  • venting with nitrogen
  • programmable

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Pico low-pressure plasma system