Silicon waveguide

Thin film analyzer Filmetrics F20 UVX


The Filmetrics F20 UVX is used to measure the thickness (t) and optical constants (n and k). Measured films must be optically smooth. Commonly analyzed films include oxides, nitrides, resist, poly silicon and optical coatings. The measurement is like a simple ellipsometer with a wavelength scan but under 1 perpendicular angle. The measured light reflection is fitted with by an iteration process for t, n and k. Because the fix angle we have to apply input assumptions for the fitting.


  • Filmetrics F20 UVX
  • Sample size max. diameter 150 mm thickness 20 mm
  • Reflection measurement 1.5 mm spot size
  • Measurement of thickness, reflective index n and k
  • High power UV-VIS fiber light source Hamamatsu model L10290
    D2 Lamp + Halogeen
  • Scan range 190-1100 nm
  • Measured thickness range 1 nm – 40 µm accuracy 1nm
  • 50 nm minimal thickness to measure n & k

Wikipedia – Ellipsometry