Silicon waveguide

Raith e-LiNE lithography system


With an electron beam a pattern is written in a photoresist layer. After exposure to this beam it is possible to selectively remove either exposed or non-exposed regions of the resist with chemicals thus creating nanotechnology structures.


  • Sample loadlock
  • Universal sample holder for small sample pieces up to 100mm 10mm max height
  • Electron beam energy 10 – 50kV
  • Beam current range 50 pA – 40 nA
  • Beam size < 2.5 nm diameter at 50 kV
  • Beam current stability <0.5% / h
  • Beam position stability < 200 nm / 8h
  • Patterning area 150mm by 150mm symmetrical
  • Pattern generator 50 MHz pixel frequency
  • 20 ns minimum dwell time
  • Stage range x=150 by y=150mm z=20 mm
  • Laser-interferometer X –Y stage with 1 nm position resolution
  • Z – axis Laser Height sensing reproducibility 1 micron
  • Write field stitching 35 nm in 500 micron write field
  • Minimum feature size 20 nm in high resolution positive resist
  • Mark recognition gives overlay accuracy of 35 nm
  • GDSII format viewer and editor
  • Import AutoCAD DXF,bitmap, ASCII or CIF format converted to GDSII
  • Traxx and Periodixx software option
  • FBMS and MBMS software option

Wikipedia – Electron-beam lithography