Silicon waveguide

Vacuum oven


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General purpose oven
The vacuum oven is used to dry and anneal material under vacuum.
A special application is to make a nonreactive surface aid of the PDMS SCIL stamp from the master. To do so, the surface is modified with a reactive organo-silane containing a fluorinated tail using the vapor phase deposition method. In this process the master is placed in the vacuum oven at 40 °C. Next a few drops of … are placed in the oven and the system is continuously pumped tp ~10-2 mbar for at least 16 hours.


  • SalvisLab Vacucenter VC 20
  • range RT – 200°C
  • vacuum variable with lowest pressure 10^-2 mbar
  • venting with nitrogen
  • programmable

 Wikipedia – SCIL stamp fabrication recipe