Silicon waveguide

FEI Helios Nanolab 600


This SEM / FIB combines a scanning microscope (SEM) and gallium focused ion beam (FIB) with gas chemistries.



  • FEI Helios Nanolab 600
  • Sample size max. diameter 150 mm thickness 20 mm
  • SEM; Schottky Field Electron Gun (SFEG)
  • Electron beam; 1pA to 22 nA, 350V- 30kV, 1 nm resolution
  • FIB: Sidewinder Galium Liquid Metal Ion Source (Ga LMIS)
  • Galium Ion beam; 1.5pA – 20 nA, 500V- 30kV, 5 nm resolution
  • Charge neutralizer
  • 5 axis UHR motorized sample stage; XY: 150mm, Z: 10mm, Tilt: -10° to +60°, rotation: 360° endless
  • NavCam sample navigation
  • detectors;
    -ETD (Everhardt Thornley Detector)
    -TLD (Through the Lens Detector)
    -CDEM for secondary electron and secondary ion imaging
    -IR camera for sample navigation
  • Gas injector system (GIS);
    -Platinum metal deposition
    -SiO2 Insulator deposition (TEOS)
    -Carbon deposition
    -Insulator enhanced etch (XeF2)
  • Fast Beam Blanker
  • Sample load lock
  • Plasma cleaner (Evactron)
  • Cryo Cleaner

Wikipedia – Focused ion beam