Silicon waveguide

Suss MABA6 Mask aligner with SCIL option


NUV optical lithography system. Patern resolution of sub micron in contact mode.

cleanroom suss maba6 amsterdam nanocenter


  • Suss MABA6 UV Mask aligner with SCIL
  • exposure lamp Hg 1000W
  • normal exposure dose 25 mW/ cm2
  • optics wavelength range UV300 280-350 nm (future UV 250 240-260 nm)
  • exposure modes; proximity (1-300 mu gap), soft, hard and vacuum contact
  • resolution depending on contact mode and mask <1 µm (future 0.5 µm)
  • split field topside microscope with 5x, 10x and 20x objective
  • bottom side microscope
  • bottom and top alignment system accuracy 1 micron
  • automatic wedge compensation
  • mask holders; opening for 3”, 4”, 6” wafers and 30mm square
  • sample chucks; 1”, 3” 4” and 6” wafers
  • alignment stage; x +/- 10 mm Y +/- 5 mm theta 5°

SCIL (Substrate Conformal Imprint Lithography)

This technique combines the advantages of a soft stamp with a rigid glass carrier for low pattern deformation and best resolution for large area patterning.

  • resolution down to sub 50nm on a 6” area
  • high aspect ratio structures

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