Silicon waveguide

Organic, anorganic and general purpose wet bench


Cleanroom sample preparation

HEPA filtered down flow and general purpose wet benches

In the cleanroom we have 3 wet benches used for working with chemistry. Two are equipped with HEPA filtered down flow air filters resulting in a very clean environment inside. The general purpose wet bench is used for sample preparation like HF-etching and Lift-off.

General equipment

  • Nitrogen gun
  • Demineralized water gun
  • Branson 2800 Ultrasonic cleaning tank 40 kHz max 70 °C
  • Sonosys Megasonic MSA-1800-4 1.8 MHz max 90 °C
  • Heating plate’s;
    IKA ret control-visc 0-340 °C
    IKA RCT Basic 0-310 °C
    Prazitherm type 2860 EB
    Prazitherm heatingplate max temp. 300 °C

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