Silicon waveguide

Leica EM ACE600 Double sputter coater


The system employs two magnetron targets, argon discharge plasma, giving a fine-grain, cool sputtering of thin metal films.


  • cleanroom leica em ace600 amsterdam nanocenter
    Leica EM ACE600 Double sputter coater
  • turbo molecular pumped (10^-5 to 10^-7 mbar)
  • motorized stage for even distribution of coating material
  • 2 sputter targets
  • shutter assembly
  • film thickness monitor
  • glow discharge pre clean target materials or activate the sample surface
  • available materials: Ag, Al, Au, Au/Pd, C, Cr, Cu, Ge, Ni, Pd, Si, Ti, W
  • sample-size: up to 100 mm wafer

Wikipedia – Sputter deposition