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Autosamdri 815 serie B super critical point dryer


Supercritical drying is a process to dry a sample immersed in liquid in a controlled way. Delicate structures tend break during drying due to surface tension as the liquid-gas interface moves by. During supercritical drying the immersion fluid, normally alcohol is replaced by liquid CO2. By increasing tempe

cleanroom critical point dryer amsterdam nanocenter
rature and pressure the CO2 passes the supercritical region where the distinction between gas and liquid ceases to exist. It is now possible to reduce temperature and pressure in a special way without crossing the boundary from liquid to gas. Thus preventing the CO2 from crossing the liquid-gas interface during drying and by this avoiding a broken sample.


  • Autosamdri 815 serie B
  • Sample size max 1 inch
  • Sample holder for max 12X12 mm samples

Wikipedia – Supercritical drying