Silicon waveguide

FEI Verios 460


High resolution SEM  @ low kV; 0.9 nm @1kV, 1.5 nm @ 200V


  • Schottky E-beam gun electron monochromator with delivers a low energy spread beam < 0.2 eV
  • Current up to 26 nA integrated sample bias ( up to 4kV) that allows for high energy in the electron column and low electron landing energy (down to 20 eV) at the sample; less beam damage, reduce charging effects, reduced edge effects, different materials contrast
  • 100 mm high precision 5 axis piezo stage sample; size max. 100 mm diameter 20 mm thickness
  • NavCam sample navigation
  • Plasma Cleaner
  • Cryo Cleaner
  • True Sight, 3D volume reconstruction based on different penetration depths of primary electron beam at varying landing energies
  • ETD ( Everhart Thornley Detector) SE
  • TLD (Through the Lens Detector) SE / BSE
    Oxford EDX (Energy Dispersive X-ray) materials characterisation
  • X-Max 80 mm^2 SDD detector
  • Aztec software package

Solid stage detectors

  • MD (Mirror Detector) mounted inside the objective lens; compositional and topographic contrast
  • iCD (in-Column Detector) 10 cm above the MD in the column; reduced topographical but highlights compositional contrast
  • BS (Back Scatter Detector) retractable, inserted below the pole piece with 4 different concentric segments
  • STEM (Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy detector) retractable, BF DF HAADF (High Angle Angular Dark Field) 12 segments
  • Homebuilt Electron Beam Induced Current Detector (EBIC) detector