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The Resonant Nanophotonics team at AMOLF works on resonant nanophotonic structures that match the length scales of light to the length scales of matter, for instance single quantum emitters. We primarily work on broadband structures for strong light-matter interaction taken from plasmonics and metamaterials. These systems are essential elementary resonant building blocks with a fundamental electric and/or magnetic dipolar response which pack  the largest possible optical polarizability per volume. Their large cross sections combined with control of coherent multiple scattering interactions through geometry make them an ideal toolbox for exploring broadband control over light. Recently, we embarked on hybrid plasmonic-photonic systems with the promise of plasmonic mode volumes at microcavity quality factors (Q=100 to 5000).  The implications of our research span from THz bandwidth ultrafast quantum optics to applications in solid-state lighting, microscopy and metrology.  We develop advanced experimental infrastructure on the interface of single molecule microscopy, laser spectroscopy and nanotechnology, and collaborate with theoretical as well as industrial partners.

Our group maintains a site with news,  publications and further info here.

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