Research Activities 3D Photovoltaics

Next generation solar cells are a new domain in the solar energy conversion field in which the ratio efficiency-to-cost is significantly increased with respect to traditional devices. In this regard, our goal is to achieve low cost/ large throughput PV based on new semiconductor nano-structures that smartly exploit sunlight. In order to do so, we work on:

  • The development of a fundamental understanding of the potential benefits and/or limitations that may exist in these structures when used for solar energy conversion. In order to do so, we combine the dual perspective of theoretical simulations and experimental techniques. The combination of electromagnetic and electric modeling is essential to find new designs with enhanced functionalities. On the other hand, we aim at experimentally providing an understanding of the different local processes occurring during light conversion into power.
  • The development of cost-effective fabrication methods that enable the fabrication of semiconductor nanostructures in a deterministic manner. To this end, we seek to exploit capabilities of scanning probe microscopy towards local electrochemical deposition of semiconductors in liquid environments. The SPM tip is intended as an electrochemical “pen” to drive growth in 3D.