October 1, 2016

Open Dag 2016 Amsterdam Science Park

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Researchers at AMOLF are continuously searching for the fundamental relationship between the architecture and interactions of complex molecular and material systems, ranging from nanophotonic structures to multicellular organisms, and their properties and functions.

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  • An academic institute for fundamental physics with high societal relevance
  • A closely knit multidisciplinary environment where new ideas flourish
  • An incubator for talent
  • Outstanding technical infrastructure
  • Close contact with universities, research institutes and companies throughout the world
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  • Understanding nanoscale solar cells

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  • Nanozonnecellen begrijpen

    Onderzoekers uit de Nanoscale Solar Cells groep ontwikkelden samen met de Technische Universiteit Eindhoven een theorie plus experimentele methode waarmee zij voor het eerst in detail laten zien hoe een …

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  • Nanotechnology can improve solar cell efficiencies via directional emission

    Researchers from the Nanoscale Solar Cells group at AMOLF together with collaborators from the University of Texas, Austin, and Columbia University, New York, found that nanostructures can enable efficiencies above …

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  • Premiere: watch the development of a larva into an adult worm live

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Building with flexible blocks

On an apparently normal cube a pattern of hollows and bulges appears when the cube is compressed. Physicists from FOM Institute AMOLF and Leiden University together with colleagues from Tel Aviv University have developed a method to design such three-dimensional structures and to construct these using simple building blocks. This paves the way for the use of ‘machine materials’ in, for example, prostheses and wearable technology. The researchers published their findings on 28 July in an article in Nature.

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AMOLF NEWS editie juni 2016


In dit nummer onder meer:

  • Bas Overvelde over materialen met de slimheid van vissen
  • Esther Allarcón Lladó vraagt zich af waarom zonweringen geen stroom opwekken
  • VIDI-beurzen voor Erik Garnett en Yves Rezus
  • Highlight: De biologische klok in delende cellen
  • Vrouwen frezen en draaien
  • AMOLF-groepen starten nieuwe samenwerkingen
  • Highlight: Polarisatie van licht
  • Alumni-nieuws


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