MRS 2014 Innovation in Materials Characterization Award for Albert Polman

Published on March 24, 2014
Category Photonic Materials

AMOLF group leader Albert Polman receives the 2014 Innovation in Materials Characterization Award of the Materials Research Society (MRS) “for the development, application and commercialization of Angle-Resolved Cathodoluminescence Imaging Spectroscopy (ARCIS) as a new tool for optical imaging at the nanoscale, with applications in nanophotonics and materials science in general.”

According to the MRS, the award “honors an outstanding advance in materials characterization that notably increases knowledge of the structure, composition, in situ behavior under outside stimulus, electronic behavior, or other characterization feature, of materials. Polman was chosen from a large group of extraordinary nominees.” The award consists of an engraved trophy and a cash prize of $5,000 and will be presented to Polman at the 2014 MRS Spring Meeting in San Francisco.

The MRS is an international organization of materials researchers from academia, industry and government that promotes communication for the advancement of interdisciplinary materials research; it has over 16.000 members.

The ARCIS instrument developed at AMOLF has been brought on the market by the start-up company Delmic. An editorial article on the new instrument appeared in Nature in 2013 (Nature 493, 143 (2013)). See also:

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Schematic of prototype cathodoluminescence microscope © Delmic/Tremani.

photonic materials albert polman

Albert Polman

MRS TV interview with Albert Polman April 23rd.