LMPV wins Team Science Award

LMPV group leaders with from left to right: Bruno Ehrler, Albert Polman, Esther Alarcon Llado, Erik Garnett, Wiebke Albrecht. Photo by Liesbeth Dingemans

The team of group leaders leading AMOLF’s Light Management in Photovoltaic Materials (LMPV) program has won the NWO Team Science Award 2023. With the award NWO rewards the most inspiring and successful team of researchers from various disciplinary fields, who jointly take on a scientific challenge in which their individual strengths and expertise demonstrably reinforce each other. The LMPV team will receive the prize money amounting 50.000 euro to be spend on team related activities.

Albert Polman, LMPV program director: “We feel very proud. This prize awards all our joint initiatives to grow a team of multiple group leaders and their researchers. It further strengthens the LMPV program for many years to come.”

The LMPV-team
The LMPV team consists of five members that each bring their own expertise to shape the research program that they are working on. Their goal is to create a better understanding of photovoltaic (nano)materials to translate these findings to industrial users and by doing so, speed up the energy transition.
The team is very diverse and has a good team structure according to the committee. They have a clear scientific goal and their diverse expertise is all needed to reach this goal. From the nomination it is clear that this team works closely together and also has attention for the team dynamic. The team has developed a working philosophy that has a clear focus on talent development and mentorship. Additionally the team has attention for activities outside of the work environment that will strengthen the team.


More information on the NWO website