Albert Polman has been awarded the EPS QEOD Prize for Research into the Science of Light

Published on November 14, 2016
Category Photonic Materials

AMOLF group leader Albert Polman has been elected as the winner of the 2017 Research into the Science of Light Prize of the Quantum Electronics and Optics Division (QEOD) of the European Physical Society (EPS). He is awarded the prize “for mastering light at the nanoscale and for demonstrating novel applications in nanoscale optical circuits, photovoltaics, and super-resolution imaging”. The prize will be awarded at the forthcoming 6th International Topical Meeting on Nanophotonics and Metamaterials (Nanometa) to be held in Seefeld, Austria in January 2017.

The EPS QEOD Prize for Research into the Science of Light is awarded every two years and recognizes a recent work by one or more individuals for scientific excellence in the area of electromagnetic science in its broadest sense, across the entire spectrum of electromagnetic waves. The award recognizes research for which a significant portion of the work was carried out in Europe or in cooperation with European researchers. It may be given for either pure or applied research. The award is accompanied by an engraved glass medal, a certificate, and a monetary sum of 2000 euro.


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