Nanophotonics Research Program

The central aim of the Nanophotonics program is the control of light at length scales (much) smaller than its wavelength. In the past  years, this field has benefited from extraordinary developments in the control over the fabrication of materials at the nanoscale, bringing within reach optical experiments at the true nanoscale, sometimes involving only a single atom or quantum dot. Also in the time domain, the regime of only a few optical cycles has become within reach.
These developments, together with breakthroughs in theoretical understanding developed in the past years, inspire a research program focusing on spatio-temporal control of light at the extreme limits. It will lead to new ways to generate, guide, direct, focus, concentrate and slow down light, to control light at the quantum level, and to explore the magnetic component of light.
The nanophotonics research program has many possible applications in solid-state lighting, functional materials and devices, and will be carried out in collaboration with several industrial partners, including Philips, FEI and Shell.