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Symposium Dutch Scanning Probe Microscopy

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Using the tools of physics and design principles, AMOLF researchers study complex matter, such as light at the nanoscale, living matter, designer matter and nanoscale solar cells. These insights open up opportunities to create new functional materials and to find solutions to societal challenges.

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  • Hugo Doeleman wint NWO Natuurkunde Proefschrift Prijs 2019

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  • Alphabet of 140 puzzle-pieces programs origami

    How can a single origami crease pattern be folded into two precisely defined target shapes? Researchers at AMOLF and Leiden University have created an ‘alphabet’ of 140 origami ‘puzzle-pieces’ that …

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  • Alfabet van 140 puzzelstukjes programmeert origami

    Hoe breng je de vouwen op een vel papier zó aan dat het op twee, precies voorgeprogrammeerde manieren gevouwen kan worden? Onderzoekers uit Leiden en Amsterdam laten zien hoe dat …

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  • Met microscoop schrijven op de nanoschaal

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Under our skin: how hyaluronan regulates the stiffness of tissue

Our skin can switch from being soft to stiff if necessary. Other tissues, such as muscle tissue and cartilage, can likewise change their stiffness in a way that is tailored to their function in the body. Scientists from AMOLF and Wageningen University recently discovered that these stiffness changes are regulated by a crucial biomolecule known as hyaluronan. The researchers published their findings on 25 February in the prestigious journal Nature Physics.

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  • Interview: Gijsje Koenderink vertrekt naar Delft
  • Bruno Ehrler over de rol van toeval in het leven van een wetenschapper
  • Cum laude promotie van Hugo Doeleman
  • Nieuwe instrumenten voor AMOLF NanoLab
  • Onderhuids: hoe hyaluronzuur de stijfheid van weefsels reguleert
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