Vogel spirals for lighting

Published on July 14, 2017
Category Resonant Nanophotonics

Vogel spirals in Laser Photonics Review

Periodic arrays of plasmonic nanoantennas can enhance the directionality of light emission of nearby fluorophores. Unfortunately, their narrow spectral bandwidth and the anisotropy of their optical resonances limit the use of these structures in applications such as solid state lighting. In Laser Photon. Rev. 11, 1600235, (2017), we study an alternative that is as effective at outcoupling light, yet broadband: Vogel’s golden spirals. These spirals are deterministic structures with an approximate circular symmetry and a Fourier transform that is much more broadband than that of periodic lattices. Their use as plasmonic antennas was first proposed by the group of Lucal dal Negro at Boston University.

Photoluminescence measurements show that the spirals can enhance the forward emission of incoherent fluorescent sources embedded in a waveguide that also encloses the spiral. The enhancement occurs over a broad spectral band, proving the potential of Vogel’s golden spirals for broadband light-emitting devices