Designer Matter Workshop

Published on June 26, 2015
Category Mechanical Metamaterials

From June 22nd until June 24th the new research field of Designer Matter organized a workshop at AMOLF bringing together exciting work in the physics, engineering and design communities.

The workshop included broad topics such as mechanical metamaterials, soft robotics, origami, jamming, architecture and design principles and strategies. Group leader Martin van Hecke organized the Designer Matter Workshop together with Pedro Reis (MIT) and Heinrich Jaeger (Chicago).

Martin van Hecke: “The workshop brought together leading researchers in different fields. We had Martin Wegener (Karlsruhe University), a leading scientist in physics, and Skylar Tibbits (MIT), who is a well-known architectural designer. The format worked quite well resulting in stimulating and challenging talks”.

mechanical metamaterials martin van hecke dani lasa

Dani Lasa

mechanical metamaterials martin van hecke ramon perise

Ramon Perise

mechanical metamaterials martin van hecke workshop

mechanical metamaterials martin van hecke workshop 2

On Monday afternoon two cooks from the prominent restaurant Mugaritz in Spain took the stage. Dani Lasa and Ramon Perisé treated the audience to a tasty intermezzo explaining how they combine the sensational and emotional aspects of the material food. Pictures: Mark Knight