Group leader: Prof. dr. Bela Mulder

The aim of our group is to understand the individual and collective behaviour of biomacromolecules and their aggregates, using the techniques of statistical mechanics and continuum mechanics. The work is inspired by concrete questions regarding the structure and function of actual components of the living cell, with a special focus on plant systems.

Research activities

The research of the Theory of Biomolecular Matter group is focussed on modelling structures and processes in living cells involving the spatio-temporal organisation of biomacromolecular matter and the physics related to these systems.

Current research projects:

  • Models of microtubule-based functional structures in cells
  • Predicting division plane orientation in plant cells
  • Dynamics of actin filament populations
  • Chromosome organisation in bacteria
  • Stress-induced remodeling in biopolymer networks
  • The stability of hybrid biopolymer gels
  • The role of cell shape in diffusion-limited nutrient uptake
  • Designing ground state patterns of DNA-coated colloid systems
  • The physics of ultra-confined liquid crystalline materials

Group Members

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