Nanophotovoltaics Research Program

The novel insights and build-up of expertise in nanophotonics and the physics of biomolecular systems together with AMOLF’s ambition to contribute to solving societal problems, inspired AMOLF to start a research program on Photovoltaics. The research in this program focuses on novel nano-structuring strategies that lead to strongly enhanced light-matter interaction using photovoltaic semiconductor materials and hybrid (self-assembled) bio-molecular structures for light collection and charge separation. The goal of this program is to generate novel breakthrough energy conversion concepts that can be readily applied at a large scale.

With this program  AMOLF will become a focal point for fundamental research on photovoltaic materials and devices; the research will be coordinated with the activities of the Dutch Institute for Fundamental Energy Research (DIFFER) in Eindhoven and will be carried out with several partners in The Netherlands, including the Netherlands Energy Research Center (ECN).