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  • New 3D tracking technique “for the masses” reveals individuality of bacterial behavior

    Microscopy techniques used to study the movement of swimming microbes are limited to two dimensions (2D) or require sophisticated devices. In a paper to be published online on 2 November, …

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  • Tom Shimizu appointed professor at VU University Amsterdam

    As of September 1st, 2015 AMOLF group leader Tom Shimizu has been appointed professor of ‘Experimental Physics of Behavior’ at the VU University Amsterdam. Shimizu’s research focuses on the physical …

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  • Katja Taute wins award for outstanding talk

    AMOLF postdoc Katja Taute (Systems Biology and Biophysics research groups) has won the award for outstanding postdoctoral talk at the BLAST XIII conference  (13th International Conference on Bacterial Locomotion and …

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  • Physical origins of randomness in a primitive brain

    Group leader Tom Shimizu was awarded a so called ‘Vrije FOM Programma’ on The signal is the noise: seeking physical origins of fluctuation in organism-scale behaviour. Variability in the behavior …

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