Pieter Zeeman thesis prize for Annemarie Berkhout

Former master student Annemarie Berkhout won the Pieter Zeeman thesis prize for her thesis Silver Nanocubes as Building Blocks for a Transparent Conductive Network. The research described in the thesis was carried out in the Nanoscale Solar Cells group.

The Pieter Zeeman thesis prize is awarded every two years and recognizes the best master’s thesis in physics written by a student at the University of Amsterdam (UvA). Berkhout’s thesis was chosen from a total group of 150 students. She received the €2500 prize on November 24th from professor Ben van Linden van den Heuvell, board member of the Pieter Zeeman Foundation.

Berkhout has continued as a PhD student at AMOLF in the Resonant Nanophotonics group, led by Femius Koenderink.

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UvA News: Annemarie Berkhout wins Pieter Zeeman Prize for best Master’s thesis

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Picture: Pontes Pieter Zeemanschool