Nanoscale solar cells group sees major expansion, January 2014

The Nanoscale solar cells group has seen a major expansion recently with 2 new postdocs, 2 new PhD students and 2 new masters students joining.

Beniamino Sciacca has joined to work on the synthesis and characterization of core-shell nanowires. Jia Wang will be pursuing vapor-phase nanowire growth of new semiconducting materials as well as light-induced synthesis of nanomaterials. Parisa Khoram will be fabricating and testing both large area and single nanowire devices made using core-shell nanowires. Gede Widia Pratama Adhyaksa will help develop new solar cell materials and also study existing core-shell structures for water-splitting. Cristina Sfiligoj has joined the effort to optimize the contacting procedure for making single nanowire solar cells. Michiel de Goede will collaborate with FEI to establish a new imaging techniques in the Verios electron microscope. Finally, Sarah Brittman will soon join the group in a collaboration with Philips to develop better light-emitting diodes.