Photonics for Greenhouses and Cold Stores Proposal Meeting

2 December 2020 | 10:00 – 12:00 | Online meeting

AMOLF together with its academic partners from Wageningen University & Research and Utrecht University are organizing a proposal meeting “Photonics for Greenhouses and Cold Stores”.

The aim of this proposal is to give the domain of agrifood photonics a huge boost, and thereby to make the agrifood chain even more sustainable by exploiting the sun’s power; a natural resource that is available every day. From a scientific point of view, fundamental knowledge from the fields of photonics, nanophotonic materials, and nanoscale solar cells will join forces with applied knowledge from spectroscopy, greenhouse technology and cold store technology.
Read more about the proposal “Photonics for Greenhouses and Cold Stores

We are looking for companies with a vision, with a passion for using sustainable resources, with a love for multidisciplinary cooperation and with an innovative streak in their business plans.

You are invited to provide further input, corrections and additions on this proposal and join us at this meeting through the registration form.

Erik Garnett
AMOLF Group leader Nanoscale Solar Cells

Program online meeting

10:00 – Welcome and introduction of the current consortium
10:15 – Overview of the proposal
10:30 – Discussion of contributions of new potential partners
11:00 – Discussion of what is still missing
11:30 – Next steps and action items
12:00 – Finish


Henriëtte Langeveld
Secretary Photonics for Greenhouses and Cold Stores 2020 – AMOLF

Registration is closed.