Rutger Kok

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Selected publications

  • R.N.U. Kok, L. Hebert, G. Huelsz-Prince, Y.J. Goos, X. Zheng, K. Bozek, G.J. Stephens, S.J. Tans and J.S. van Zon, OrganoidTracker: Efficient cell tracking using machine learning and manual error correction, PLoS One 15, (10), e0240802: 1-18 (2020)

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  • B. Artegiani, D. Hendriks, J. Beumer, R.N.U. Kok, X. Zheng, I. Joore, S. Chuva de Sousa Lopes, J.S. van Zon, S.J. Tans and H. Clevers, Fast and efficient generation of knock-in human organoids using homology-independent CRISPR–Cas9 precision genome editing, Nature Cell Biol. 22, (3), 321-331 (2020)

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