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Brief Curriculum vitae of Gijsje Koenderink

  1. Personal details
    Prof. dr. Gijsje Koenderink
    FOM Institute AMOLF
    Science Park 104, 1098 XG Amsterdam, the Netherlands
    phone:   +31-20-7547100
    fax:       +31-20-7547290
    Female; born, 10/10/74, Utrecht (NL), married, two sons.
    Nationality: Dutch (NL)
  2. Appointments
    2014–present  Department head, Systems Biophysics department, FOM Institute AMOLF
    2010–present  Professor (‘bijzonder hoogleraar’) of Biological Soft Matter Physics at the Faculty of Sciences, VU University Amsterdam
    2006–present  Scientific group leader, Biological Soft Matter, FOM Institute AMOLF, Amsterdam Tenured (permanent appointment) since 2011
  3. Education
    2003-PhD in Chemistry, Utrecht University (Netherlands). Thesis title: Rotational and translational self-diffusion in colloidal mixtures, Advisor: Prof. A.P. Philipse
    1998-Master of Science in Chemistry with specialization Colloid & Physical Chemistry, Utrecht University (Netherlands)
  4. Publications and presentations: 65+papers in peer-reviewed journals (H-index: 26); 27+ invited talks at international conferences; currently supervises 6 PhD theses.
  5. Research Fields: cellular biophysics, biopolymers, cytoskeleton, self-organization, rheology/polymer mechanics, mechanotransduction, soft condensed matter physics.
  6. Prizes and Awards
    2013-ERC Starting Grant
    2008-Elected Member of The Young Academy (DJA), part of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW), with the aim of selecting the 10 most promising upcoming scientists across all disciplines in the Netherlands, term 2008-2013
    2008-VIDI award, personal grant for promising young scientists, part of the Innovational Research Incentives Scheme of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO)
    2008-Human Frontier Young Investigator Grant with L. Kreplak (Canada) and J. Plastino (France)
    2004-Marie Curie OIF postdoctoral fellowship (FP6-2002-Mobility-6B)


  • M. Atakhorrami, D. Mizuno, G.H. Koenderink, T.B. Liverpool, F.C. MacKintosh and C.F. Schmidt, Short-time inertial response of viscoelastic fluids measured with Brownian motion and with active probes, Phys. Rev. E 77, 6: 061508 1-13 (2008)

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  • Daisuke Mizuno, M. Atakhorrami, K M. Addas, J X. Tang, G.H. Koenderink, Frederick C. MacKintosh and Christoph Schmidt: Laser trapping and laser interferometry for high-bandwidth micromechanical probing of biomaterials In: Asia Optical Fiber Communication and Optoelectronic Exposition and Conference, OSA Technical Digest : conference October 30 - November 2, Shanghai, China. - Washington: Optical Society of America, 2008. - pp. paper SaP1. 1-3

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  • G.H. Koenderink: Active gels: structure and dynamics of actin-myosin networks In: Soft matter : from synthetic to biological materials : lecture notes of the 39th Spring School; March 3-14 2008 /ed. Jan K.G. Dhont, Gerhard Gompper, Gerhard Nagele, Dieter Richter and Roland G. Winkler. - J├╝lich: Forschungszentrum, 2008. - pp. C 11 (1-13)

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  • G.H. Koenderink, G.A. Vliegenthart, S.G.J.M. Kluijtmans, A. van Blaaderen, A.P. Philipse and H.N.W. Lekkerkerker, Depletion-induced crystallization in colloidal rod-sphere mixtures, Langmuir 15, 4693-4696 (1999)

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  • M. Atakhorrami, G.H. Koenderink, J.F. Palierne, F.C. MacKintosh and C.F. Schmidt, Scale-Dependent Nonaffine Elasticity of Semiflexible Polymer Networks, Phys. Rev. Lett. 112, 8: 088101 1-5 (2014)

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