AMOLF NanoLab Amsterdam rules & registration

Some basic rules regarding booking of equipment

  • Only those who have been instructed in the use of a particular tool by staff are allowed to book it
  • The reservation period should cover the entire time you occupy a tool
  • Equipment administrators reserve the right to modify/cancel reservations
  • Monopolizing equipment will not be appreciated
  • Do not book more than 2 weeks in advance

Obtaining an account for the AMOLF NanoLab Amsterdam Equipment Booking page

Click here for registering as a new user

  1. Fill in a User ID: (Preferably only your last name)
  2. Fill in a password: (At least four characters)
  3. Fill in Name, Email and Phone
  4. Set Permissions to: Add events
  5. Submit and you are done. Send Hans Zeijlemaker an email and I will activate your account as soon as possible!
  6. Join the mailing list users.nanocenter (only AMOLF employees and via Intranet).
    Online mailing list registration is at this moment not possible. Please send an e-mail to Michiel Ton to register your name for the mailing list.

If you want to change your password afterwards go to

edit password

So how do you book equipment?

  • go to the Equipment booking section
  • go to login and enter your user id and password
  • left click on the starting time slot of the tool you wish to book
  • fill in your name at the subject line and select the start + end time, also fill in the notes line if relevant (Last name + first initial; please do not select the “all day” box)
  • your reservation should now appear in the planner view

How do you edit/remove a reservation?

  • left click the reserved time, click pencil icon for editing or the scissors icon for removal