3D photovoltaics

Date posted April 5, 2018
Type Scientific Internships

We have projects available related to a) photonic modelling of new semiconductor nanostructure shapes and arrangements, b) development of multi-functional nano-probes for local electrochemistry, 3) fabrication of semiconductor nanostructures with non-standard morphology for photonic applications. Depending on the project, it will involve computational work, electro-chemical synthesis and/or nanomaterial characterization.
All projects have been planned to minimize startup time so that even internships of <1 year="" should="" lead="" to="" novel="" scientific="" results="" and="" potentially="" a="" publication="" br="">

About the group

The ultimate goal of the group 3D Photovoltaics is to push the frontiers of nano-PV by aiming towards the achievement of low-cost semiconductor nanostructures as building blocks. The group focuses on the fundamental understanding of the potential benefits and/or limitations of semiconductor nano-structures when used for solar energy conversion. Non-traditional conversion principles enabled by the nano geometry are explored, that includes smart absorption of the solar spectrum. In parallel, we work on the fundamental development of cost-effective methods for large-throughput PV panel production.


Candidates must have an undergraduate degree in, physics, chemistry, materials science or a related field from a top university and be enrolled in a relevant Master’s program in science or engineering. The internship must be a mandotory part of your curriculum. You have a nationality of an EU-member state and/or you are a student at a Netherlands University. You must be available for at least 6 months.

Terms of employment

At the start of the traineeship your trainee plan will be set out, in consultation with your AMOLF supervisor.

Contact info

Dr. Esther Alarcon-Llado
Group leader 3DPV
E-mail: e.alarconllado@amolf.nl
Phone: +31 (0)20-754 7100

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