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X-ray spectroscopy and metrology with high-harmonic sources

Date 10 September 2018 Time 11:00 - 12:00
Location AMOLF Lecture Room
Speaker Peter Kraus (ARCNL)
Category Public Colloquium


High-harmonic generation is the up-conversion of many infrared photons into one soft x-ray photon through a highly nonlinear laser-matter interaction. The produced soft x-ray pulses have a high degree of spatial coherence, and pulse durations down to attoseconds. These unique properties make high-harmonic generation sources ideal candidates for table-top ultrafast x-ray spectroscopy, as well as x-ray imaging experiments.This talk will describe the underlying physics of high-harmonic generation, recent breakthroughs of attosecond reflection spectroscopy to monitor laser-matter interactions during photoexcitation, and give an outlook on future experiments in the fields of spectroscopy and metrology, that will be carried out at ARCNL.