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Pb/Sn perovskite solar cells

Date 20 June 2022 Time 09:30 - 10:45
Location AMOLF Lecture Room and Virtual
Speaker Maria Antonietta Loi (University of Groningen)
Category Colloquium Sustainable Energy Materials

Recently, mixed Sn/Pb- perovskites received a massive interest from the scientific community, owing to their narrow bandgap and their reduced toxicity due to lower Pb content. Because of the narrower bandgap respect to the Pb analogues, next to be considered as active layer for single junction solar cells their possible use in all-perovskite tandem solar cells is intensively investigated.

Despite the large interest, the performances of mixed Sn/Pb- perovskite devices are still lower respect to the one of the Pb-counterpart, this is mostly determined by the higher open-circuit voltage losses caused by the not-optimal number of defects present in the active layer. In my presentation I will show our recent results in improving the quality of Sn/Pb perovskite thin films and the consequence of this activities in the device efficiency.