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III-V semiconductor nanowires: from epitaxy to terahertz photonics

Date 3 June 2019 Time 11:00 - 12:00
Location AMOLF Lecture Room
Speaker Hannah Joyce (University of Cambridge, Cambridge)
Category Public Colloquium


Understanding and controlling the electrical properties of semiconductor nanowires are crucial steps in the development of novel nanowire-based devices. However, measuring nanowire electrical properties using conventional contact-based techniques is not trivial. Optical pump–terahertz probe (OPTP) spectroscopy is non-contact technique that overcomes these difficulties, providing accurate measurements of charge carrier transport and dynamics at room temperature with sub-picosecond temporal resolution. These terahertz (THz) measurements are now guiding the development of nanowire-based devices, such as solar cells and photodetectors. On the one hand, the THz spectral region is important for the engineering of nanowire materials, and on the other hand, nanowires show unique promise for optoelectronic devices operating at THz frequencies, such as photoconductive detectors and polarization modulators. This talk will discuss how THz spectroscopy is guiding nanowire growth and the development of nanowire-based devices.