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Conventional quantum dots versus metal halide perovskites nanomaterials as materials for energy applications

Date 18 November 2019 Time 11:00 - 12:00
Location AMOLF Lecture Room
Speaker Loredana Protesescu (University of Groningen)
Category Public Colloquium

Despite the young age of the metal halide perovskites nanocrystals (NCs) field, substantial progress has been made in the study and the development of these materials and their opto-electronical properties. Just as their thin-film counterparts are used for light absorption in solar cells, they are on the way to revolutionizing research on novel chromophores for light emission applications. Exciting chemistry and physics arising from their structural, electronic, and excitonic properties are being discovered every day. But it is clear that we own this meteoric speed in the perovskite NCs field to the lessons we leant from the conventional semiconductor quantum compounds. We will compare both families of nanocrystals and then focuses on approaches for substituting toxic heavy metals without sacrificing the unique optical properties as well as on surface coating strategies for enhancing the long-term stability.