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Autonomous Matter Symposium 2023

Date 21 April 2023 Time 09:30 - 17:00
Location AMOLF
Category Announcement

Registration is open now. Go to the Autonomous Matter Symposium 2023 website.

Autonomous matter can independently adapt, optimize, regenerate, and learn. Autonomy is increasingly employed in artificial systems, but remains limited when compared to nature, where even the simplest cells exhibit autonomy in abundance. In this first Autonomous Matter symposium, world-renowned experts will present their views on how autonomous functionality can emerge at the intersection of chemistry, physics, biology, and engineering.

How can we design matter to be autonomous?

Confirmed speakers:
Mettin Sitti: Max Plank Institute for Intelligent Systems, Stuttgart
Daan Frenkel: Cambridge University
Lauren Zarzar: Penn State University
Birte Höcker: Max Planck Institute for Biology, Tübingen
Eduard Hannezo: Van: Institute of Science and Technology Austria

There will also be a poster session to which all participants can contribute, and a panel discussion on the scope and opportunities of research in Autonomous Matter.

Registration for the workshop will be free of charge.